Sunday, September 8, 2013

Welcome to HELL. The Hell's Gate Air Tram, that is.

First, of all, The Hell's Gate Air Tram is not the least bit hellish. 

Here, take a look:

You enter Hell's Gate Air Tram from the building on Hwy 97.
Then you descend, in a perfectly safe, Swiss-made air tram
over the terrifying Fraser Canyon, downward, where only
a few minutes later, you reach the other side of the river.

Here is a view from the suspension bridge. The buildings on the left include a museum,
a gift shop, ice cream and fudge, and a nice cafe.
Make sure you take a walk around and see the public art,
 including sculptures and murals.

Check out the Hell's Gate Air Tram website for rates, location, hours and tons of great info. 

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