Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Celebration of British Columbia's History in Books

British Columbia Historical Federation Author's Gathering and Book Display

Please join us on Friday, May 10th from 3:00 to 6:00 pm and on Saturday, May 11th, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm as the British Columbia Historical Federation celebrates British Columbia's history in books. A book display and author's gathering will be held as part of the Federation's annual conference in the Ida Room at The Coast Kamloops Hotel & Convention Centre, 1250 Rogers Way.  Mingle with authors.  Talk about books.  Support the creation of new knowledge about BC's past.

A wide range of books about BC history will be included in this author's gathering and book sale.  Local topics such as Marie Laroche's reminiscences of educators of the Kamloops area, called A Passion for Sharing and A Passion for Teaching will be represented, as will Andrew Yarmie's Women Caring for Kamloops, 1890- 1975. Trelle Morrow's book, Cataline: Packer Extraordinaire, and Susan Smith Josephy ‘s Lillian Alling: The Journey Home. Morrow's biography of Cataline, the famed master of the horse pack train tells of a man born in France of Spanish and Mexican descent who left his name throughout central BC during a long and colourful career.  Lillian Alling walked from New York to Dawson City, Yukon crossing the North American continent on foot enduring the hardships encountered through the rugged Rocky Mountains and the wilderness of British Columbia.  Lynne Bowen will also be on hand to discuss her work on British Columbia's Italian communities called Whoever Gives Us Bread: the Story of Italians in British Columbia.  And for those history buffs interested in the Brigade Trails, Nancy M. Anderson’s book The Pathfinder: A.C. Anderson’s Journey in the West, all about the fur trade trails forged through the Okanagan and Thompson Plateau, will also be available.

The Kamloops Museum will showcase its history books, including Kamloops: Trading Post to Tournament Capital.  The book spans the pre-Contact years to the present age with each chapter covering specific historical periods and the significant events that impelled history ever forward.  The North Shuswap Historical Society will have their 9 Volumes of The Shuswap Chronicles available and a representative of Friesens press will be on hand to answer questions about printing and book production.

Other BC writers participating in the celebration and book display will be, Lynne Stonier-Newman, Elenore Hancock, Danda Humphreys, Dave Young, Anne Switzer, Jay Sherwood, Frances Wellwood, Ron Hyde, and Neils for Mona Saemerow.

We look forward to seeing you there.

If you would like more information about this display, or to schedule an interview, contact Mary Campone at 250-374-1509.  For more information about events that are part of this year's BCHF conference, Historic Grasslands, see www.bchistory.ca .

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