Monday, August 6, 2012

Good morning! Sunny eggs in pepper rings

I sat outside on the front patio this morning and had my breakfast. It's been so hot lately, the only time we can cook inside is early in the morning. So, today, I made Sunny Eggs in Pepper Rings. I used a yellow peppers, sliced them about 1 cm thick, fried them on both sides, then filled them with an egg each. I covered the pan, letting the steam cook the eggs. I didn't want to flip the eggs, because that way the yolk wouldn't be as visible.

That's cheese toast!
Then, I added some fresh, organic parsley from the Farmer's Market here in Quesnel.

Napkins from Paris, courtesy of Auntie Margaret
Then I added some screaming hot salsa that I received as a gift from a woman who lives down the road.

I dipped bits of pepper into the salsa. HOT.

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