Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quesnel Lake, British Columbia

I went to Quesnel Lake last week. It always seems like the kind of place that the world was before people arrived. The lake is known to be the deepest fjord lake in the world (meaning, it was carved out by glaciers). No one really knows how deep it is. We asked a biologist who was there what kind of fish were at the bottom and he said "you don't want to know." Sturgeons? Maybe. It's a lovely lake, the scenery is beautiful, but it's also a scary place. Not just because the lake is so big, about 70 miles long. But because of the lack of human habitation, and because of the storms that brew up quickly as wicked as the ocean, but because it's an eerie place. It inspired me to write a short story for the Kindle All Stars project. The KAS2 theme is Cryptozoology, so a lake monster will feature prominently in my tale.

Here are some photos of my trip:
Quesnel Lake, North Arm

Quesnel Lake, end of North Arm looking towards Cameron Ridge

Quesnel Lake, North Arm, still looking pretty calm

Quesnel Lake, North Arm, one of the few docks

Quesnel Lake, North Arm, taken from the dock, storm clouds coming in

Quesnel Lake, calm green reflection

Quesnel Lake, heading back to camp from the North Arm, storm blew up, pretty rough

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