Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Deadman's Creek, British Columbia

In between Savona and Cache Creek, turn your head and you'll see this miniature replica of old western buildings on the side of the road:
Click on the image to see a slide show!

I braked the truck pretty hard when I saw these adorable little buildings. I drove in and met Matt Sandvoss, owner and visionary. 

What a great place this is. Matt's always got some new project, and gets lots of visitors from across North America and Europe. Movies are often filmed there, and some well-known TV shows, too.

The beautiful surroundings--the quiet hills covered in sagebrush, the dry soil underfoot--add to the ambiance. The buildings are carefully constructed replicas of buildings from Western history, or reproductions of those from movies. Check the buildings out yourself. You may be able to recognize a saloon or shop from one of your favourite films.

A roadside attraction, with a Western twist, Deadman's Creek is a jump back in time to where myth and history meet. Sandvoss loves history and it shows. But it's his hard work and dedication that is evident when you meet him. Don't be shy, just drive on in. You'll find him to be a great tour guide and a true enthusiast. You'll be glad you did. 

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