Friday, December 23, 2011

Explorer/travel writer Lawrence Millman reviews "Lillian Alling: the journey home"

Explorer, travel writer, mycologist Lawrence Millman has good things to say about my book, Lillian Alling: the journey home.

"Amy Bloom fictionalized Lilling Alling's epic journey from New York City to Siberia in her bestselling novel Away, but for years I hoped that someone would write a nonfictional account of Lillian's remarkable journey.   Now, finally, someone has done so.  Susan Smith-Josephy's book not only tells the remarkable story of that journey, but also solves some of the mysteries surrounding the so-called Mystery Woman -- solves them in a manner that Sherlock Holmes would have admired.   Lillian Alling:the journey home is a seamless blend of research, history, speculation, and storytelling.   I can't recommend it too highly!"

Lawrence Millman
-- author of Last Places, An Evening Among Headhunters, and Hiking to Siberia (forthcoming)
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