Friday, December 23, 2011

Explorer/travel writer Lawrence Millman reviews "Lillian Alling: the journey home"

Explorer, travel writer, mycologist Lawrence Millman has good things to say about my book, Lillian Alling: the journey home.

"Amy Bloom fictionalized Lilling Alling's epic journey from New York City to Siberia in her bestselling novel Away, but for years I hoped that someone would write a nonfictional account of Lillian's remarkable journey.   Now, finally, someone has done so.  Susan Smith-Josephy's book not only tells the remarkable story of that journey, but also solves some of the mysteries surrounding the so-called Mystery Woman -- solves them in a manner that Sherlock Holmes would have admired.   Lillian Alling:the journey home is a seamless blend of research, history, speculation, and storytelling.   I can't recommend it too highly!"

Lawrence Millman
-- author of Last Places, An Evening Among Headhunters, and Hiking to Siberia (forthcoming)
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Sunday, December 11, 2011, North by Northwest, Gift Ideas For The Book Lover

I was very happy to hear Jim Brinkman from the fabulous Books and Company book store in Prince George on CBC, North by Northwest. He was interviewed about his favourite books this season and one of them was my book, "Lillian Alling: the journey home." I am grateful for Jim's recommendation.

Click the link below to hear the broadcast. My book is mentioned at 6:50. Just the fact that it was mentioned in the same sentence as Wylie Blanchet's "The Curve of Time" was thrilling.

Click HERE: | North by Northwest | Gift Ideas For The Book Lover

Also check out their list of other books. My "To Read" list just got a whole lot bigger.