Monday, October 18, 2010

Ahhh... I am back in Quesnel and back to tranquility

Saw the Vancouver Opera production of Lillian Alling on Saturday night. I must say I identify with the Irene MacDonald character: having a yearning for the wilderness and a wariness of the city.

I did have a nice time in Vancouver, but once I reached the sage-covered hills of the Cache Creek/Ashcroft area, I breathed a sigh of relief. I was back home in the Cariboo.

I left the Sylvia Hotel at 7 am, and arrived home at 4 pm. A long drive, but at least it was warm and sunny. I always overlay a huge historical map on top of the territory I'm driving through. I love looking for physical remnants of the past. I was thinking of Jean Caux, Cataline. He was first headquartered in Yale, circa 1858, then when Ashcroft got connected to the railway in the late 1880s, Cataline moved his headquarters to there. But he was all over the whole of the Cariboo and up north, too. I had a good time at VPL looking at the old newspapers and magazines. Next year, I'll visit his old trading and wintering spots and take some photos and soak in the atmosphere. I'm so intrigued by him.

I'll be back at the Lillian Alling writing in a few days (I need to go to PG tomorrow to pick up a van).
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