Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So many chapters before I can go to the opera

I am finally beginning to enjoy the process of getting the chapters ready. Dividing the massive chapters into smaller, more focused chunks has really helped. I've been so lucky to have some wonderful friends help me with editing. I sent the same three chapters off to three different people, and am getting their comments back now. It's helpful beyond measure. I am so fogged in by my own writing, I need someone else to give feedback.

It's also very encouraging to get back the comments and corrections and suggestions, because not only do I feel happy that my friends are helping me, it also makes me feel just that little bit more closer to THE END as we know it.

I want to get as much done and sent off before I head down to Vancouver to see the Lillian Alling opera on 16 October. That way, I can enjoy someone else's interpretation of the Lillian Alling story, rather than feeling guilty for not having completed MY version of Lillian Alling's journey.
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