Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Writing and thinking

My mind is whirling, and my fingers are pounding the keys. I've kept up the pace of 1,000 words (or more) per weekday, but have also started doing more organizing and a bit more reading and research. It seems I cannot just write. I can't separate what I'm writing from what I still need to know. As I write, I am constantly adding notes to myself on items to follow up on, books to order, points of history to check.

I feel this symbiotic approach to be working well, with a few more clues learned, and my mind connecting the dots. I feel I am getting a better understanding of Lillian's motives, and the more I write, the more I learn.

Lillian Alling was not just a wonder because of how far she walked, though that certainly was a unique achievement. It was how determined she was to follow through on her decision that has made the biggest impression on me. DDid she never get discouraged or sad? Each day I look forward to getting up and working on this book. Though I will be very happy when it's finished and published, I will be sad when it's over because I will miss Lillian Alling and how she and I met each day to follow her journey.
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