Thursday, January 14, 2010

Walking Across Canada, again

I was working on the Walking Across Canada chapter again today. Lillian Alling walked more than 4,000 miles from New York to Alaska, and the majority of that walk was through Canada. Though her time in British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska is fairly well-documented, her time through the rest of Canada is not. Yet with a few interesting clues, and some historical knowledge, we can get a pretty good picture of what her time walking across Canada would have been like. I'm loving writing this chapter, because it allows me to ask myself questions about Lillian's journey, and to learn more about my own country and its history. Wrote 1,010 words today, and looking forward to doing more on this chapter tomorrow.

I also enjoyed tidying up my To Do file, which fell on the floor, emptied itself, and disgracefully collected dustballs from behind the filing cabinet.
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