Friday, January 8, 2010

A tricky chapter almost finished

I had a great day of writing today. Wrote 2,000 + words (ok 2,217 to be accurate) and resolved a tricky problem in a chapter. Sometimes explaining why Lillian did things is a bit like putting words into someone's mouth. I mean, it did happen more than 80 years ago, so I do have to speculate about some things, but I always want to give as many possibilities as I can, so the reader can pick and choose which one they think is best.

Sometimes the evidence of Lillian's trail is so strong and so concrete, there is no need for multiple possibilities or speculations. But other times, she simply "arrives" at a place in time (backed up by historical evidence, I mean) and I need to fill in the gaps.

Lillian Alling, the search for the lost legend.
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