Thursday, January 7, 2010

Going rogue - Lillian Alling full-time all the time

Now that I'm gainfully unemployed (having left my editing job) I will have a bit more time to write. I'm setting aside time per day, and making sure I get a certain amount of words done per day. Plus, I'll edit each day, as well, on paper.

One thing I'm wrestling with right now is I have so much information, so I want to get it all in. But putting EVERYTHING in would not only be boring, the book would be too long. So I'm having to self-edit as I go.

Another tricky thing, is that there are so many unaswered questions about Lillian Alling. Where did she come from? What really happened to her? I don't want to fictionalize, but I am going to have to make some speculative, educated guesses. I also think that some of the questions could be answered with more research, but I won't be doing any more in-depth research until the publisher has received the first batch of chapters.
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