Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vancouver Opera, Lillian Alling

There was an article in the Vancouver Sun earlier this week about the Vancouver Opera production of Lillian Alling. The opera was originally set to be performed around the 2010 Olympics (which is in February 2010), but now the production date is either late 2010 or early 2011.

Depending on the timing, I'd like to go down to Vancouver and see the production. I realize the story of Lillian has been romanticized for the opera, but I guess it wouldn't be an opera otherwise.

Arriving worn out, exhausted, at Cabin 8

Lillian Alling arrived exhausted at Cabin 8 on the Yukon Telegraph Line in 1928. She was nursed back to health by Jim Christie and Charlie Janze who also supplied her with clothes and food for her journey.

She'd been walking through the British Columbia wilderness for more than a month, and who knows except her what sorts of hazards she encountered.

I've really enjoyed writing this chapter. It has made me admire Lillian all the more.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Now is the winter of my discontent

OK, so it's officially winter. And I'm officially behind in my writing. I did meet my goal of getting my three chapters done by November. But I've done nothing in the past month, due to work commitments and work computer issues.

Still, the winter is the best time to write and organize, because I'll be inside at night anyway.

Here's hoping. I have 10 days off over Christmas, and this is a great time to jumpstart the next chapter.

Lillian Alling, where are you?