Sunday, June 7, 2009

Feeling better

I do feel much better about this project today. Maybe it was just getting some sun, but maybe it was hearing back from some people who think that Lillian is a worthwhile subject for research.

Oh, I know, I should be more like Lillian. More independent. Not care what people think. Focus only on the end result.

I'm starting to feel the pressure now! People are asking me more and more often: when will this be done? I would like to say next year I will submit to publisher, but it could be sooner. The long, dark, cold winter here is one of my favourite times of year. I can work on projects and not feel guilty about being inside and writing. In the summer, when it's light until past 10 pm, I feel obliged to "do" something outside.

I know you all are eager to read the book. Me, too, actually. I'm really looking forward to the process of putting this all together. I've got lots of information, background, photographs and more. I'm hoping that people will find this an interesting book, for it's not JUST about Lillian, you know. It's about the times she lived in.

Anyway, I suppose at least three good (and by good, I mean almost final copy) chapters would be easy to get together by this winter. They're sort of done now.

I'm a litle bit concerned about the format. I hate hate hate footnotes. First, I always lose track of them when I'm writing. Then who said what and in what volume gets lost and everything blurs together. Second, it makes the book seem like an academic publication. And this book is certainly NOT an academic publication. It's what I consider a local history book.

I want to acknowledge the other publications I used for background and the archives where some primary documents were found. I like the way Stephen Hume wrote his Simon Fraser book, so I'll probably aim for something like that.
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