Sunday, May 3, 2009

Used books, Ted Eames: his journey and his poem

Went to the museum's used book sale today. It is a fundraiser for the Friends of the Museum, and there were thousands of donated books. I got two bags full, and some are directly related to my background research in Lillian. Got a totally fascinating book on Russian history, one on travel in the Alaska-Yukon corridor, another on Yukon place names, and a few books on writing non-fiction.

The Yukon chapter is shaping up (slowly). I'm enjoying the process of thinking about how I want to write this chapter. Of course, the way I originally imagined it is not working. So now, I must just write to see what comes out. And see what information and background I'm missing.

So many people are interested in Lillian. Just got a wonderful email from a Ted Eames who is writing a book about his travels in Northern BC and area. He was here in 2007, and will be back probably September 2009. He sent me a narrative, imaginative poem about Lillian's travels and troubles. I just loved it!

If he doesn't use it in his book, maybe he'll let me use it in mine. Ted? Are you reading this? :)
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