Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Helpfulness and some new old books

Lots of people are helping with my quest to find both the mythical and the historical Lillian.
Today I had great responses from both the Yukon Archives (you are great!) and the Smithsonian Institution (hooray for interns!). Another thank you to the Cariboo Library Network (Quesnel Branch) and especially their Inter Library Loan service. Just received a phone call: two books are in, and one microfilm is ready, also.

Another thanks to the Church of the Latter-day Saints Family History Centre for locating films when people said it couldn't be done. Good work!

Went to Books and Company in Prince George today and no, not just for the Mrs. Marple lemon tarts. Found two used books, one on Stewart and one about Anyox. Fascinating reading.
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