Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Looking for Lillian

Well, I've got my research fingers out in a lot of archival pies right now. I've enlisted the help of some people in faraway places, in the hope that they can help me find a few more hints on where Lillian came from and where she went.

I've been following every lead, no matter how slim or how obscure. And sometimes these tiny glimmers of hope turn into surprising finds. Other times, they fizzle out like a sparkler in the rain.

I want to thank David in Ontario for the information on his father, it was great. And a huge, huge thank you to Peter in Hyder, Alaska for the thoughtful and well-thought out responses to my questions. I really appreciate the guidance and help.

I also want to triple thank the Quesnel Library's Inter-Library Loan system, what a great service! I've been able to access some extremely rare books through ILL, and this has been wonderful for background research.

Right now I feel I'm on the cusp of getting some great information, and hope that my insistent doggedness is not irritating too many people.

Although I'm still waiting for more information from Yukon on Lillian, I'm starting to do the first draft of that chapter this week.
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